Magazines and newspapers want your stories – big or small. First, we’ll take a few details of your story over the phone. With years of experience, we know which stories sell and how to get you the maximum amount of money for yours. Amazing, uplifting and inspirational, we want to hear from you. Here’s some examples –

  • Love and relationships: Have you fallen in love when you least expected, or fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t. Love, proposals, divorce, betrayal, revenge, age-gap or open relationships.
  • Crime: Have you been the victim of crime and brought your attacker to justice or have you escaped an abusive relationship. Have you lost a loved one in a tragic way.
  • Plastic surgery: 70 but look 40? – Have you spent thousands on surgery or has the surgery gone wrong. Amazing before and after pictures.
  • Weight loss: Are you half the woman you used to be or slimmed down for a special person or event. Did you slim through social media. Or maybe you’re curvy and proud.
  • Family: Were you told you’d never have children and conceived a miracle baby, or spent thousands on IVF. Have you been caught up in a family rift or been reunited with a long-lost relative.
  • Health: Do you have an unusual phobia or crazy addiction/hobby. Have you survived a terrible illness or found a miracle cure – or maybe someone saved your life.
  • Animals: Do you keep a hippo in your kitchen or a horse in your lounge. Animal antics, crazy pets, cute pictures.